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One other thing…

Couldn’t help but scroll through the kinesiology tag and I stumbled across a post of someone who was…pissed about those who switched to kinesiology because they thought it was easy.

No, I switched because I wanted a major that still used the classes I took to be in nursing. I knew it would be hard; I was already skeptical when I saw not only physics but calculus listed as required subjects.

So for the individual who is pissed because they feel that people switched to kinesiology only because they thought it was easier I feel you, but not everyone is like that. I know I’m not.
I’m already freaking out because I need to start filling in for internships and volunteer hours because I didn’t think I would be graduating as soon as I would.

I know I’m not as passionate about athletics as some are in my major but I have respect and appreciation for those who do regardless if kinesiology is their major or not. My hope is when I do finish, and I have every intention to, I can encourage others to have that same passion and help.
Sure I don’t have everything figured out yet, and maybe sometimes I don’t feel like I’m ready but at the same time, maybe I am. I know for now I’m taking it one step at a time

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I need to stop…

I should be studying…why am I on here?!
And also why am I not as worried as everyone else?????

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